To the Stars! Gyrowolf Galactic Coming Soon

It’s been well over a year since my last music resource pack release. I’m happy to announce Gyrowolf Galactic, my latest sci-fi themed song pack is nearing release. You can head over to the dedicated page for a small taste of what’s in store, but here is some text hints:

  • 5 Civilization themes
  • 9 Combat themes
  • 5 Exploration Themes
  • 8 Character/Boss themes

And more!

By the way, this is a two parter! This first release focuses heavily on slower BGM, with slower, more calming tracks. The next release will feature some faster paced music, and also Sci-Fi themed background sounds for atmosphere, sound effects, and a bunch more musical effects.

Thank you everyone for your support! I look forward to bringing you more news about Gyrowolf Galactic Pt. 2 in the furture.

A Progress Update – GW Music Resource Pack 002

After a rocky start and not knowing where I wanted to take things, I’m pleased to say that I am well underway with my next music pack release. I’ve got some new tools, learned some new tricks, and acquired some new directions and styles. This music resource collection’s style is vastly different than what I’m used to producing, and it’s full of first-times, uncertainties, and do-overs. The positive feedback I’ve gotten from it so far from friends and family, however, assures me that I’m doing something right.

I’ll post more about it when I get closer to release. Thank you for your support!


DangerInNumbers – Now on youtube

You can now listen to DangerInNumbers on Youtube. DangerInNumbers is my latest release, part of’s April ReStaff, featuring hard guitars and drums that give the feeling of danger. Go take a listen, and share with your friends!

Also included in the April ReStaff are a monster battler by Andinator, and animated title screen script by Ocedic, and some more amazing music tracks by Arin the Eloquent and Jonnie91. Head on over and check it out!

I’ll have much more to share with you soon! Please keep an eye out and tell you friends! Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to me on Youtube.