About the site

This blog came into existence for two purposes: 1) To serve as a personal portfolio and 2) To serve as a one stop shop for the resources I’ve given out over the years. Though it may seem this site was built for me, by me, I hope this site will be of use to you as well. Whether you’re here to inquire about my work, or whether you’re looking for useful things for your projects, you’re welcome here. I am Terrel O’Brien. I am Gyrowolf. And this site is for you!

About me

My name is Terrel O’Brien. I am a mid-20’s composer, artist, programmer, and majoring CIST Programming sophomore at Chattahoochee Technical College, Marietta, GA USA. I love just about everything video games, especially the work that goes into making them. It’s a medium where art, music, and storytelling come together to form one amazing piece of work. And then for others to be able to explore that world you created, or helped to create– That feeling is one I aim to achieve.


Art: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Music: DirectMusic Producer, LMMS, Audacity




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